Caribbean Poker Strategies

Caribbean Stud poker, though a simple game, requires the player to have a Caribbean poker strategy on online casino if he wishes to win. The game always starts out against the player and one can never be sure of winning. The player has to face off the dealer throughout the game. This is a game based on the 5 card stud game and has a 5.4 percent house edge.

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In this form of poker casino games, you get five cards drawn from the first deal and you cannot change these cards. Caribbean poker strategy is definitely different from other poker strategies because you cannot call a bluff. A Caribbean poker strategy that you can adopt is to make the other players nervous so that they drop out of the rice pot. Another Caribbean poker strategy that comes in handy is raising especially if you have a pair of cards or something better. You always have to careful while adopting this particular Caribbean poker strategy as the dealer may have better cards than you. But you can usually judge the cards that the dealer might have by looking at the cards he is revealing to you.

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Before you begin playing and adopt any Caribbean poker strategy you must be well versed with all the rules of the game. You will have to place something called the ante wager that will tell the dealer that you want to play. The dealer will then hand out five cards to you and another five to the house. One of the cards of the house would be revealed to you. You can now choose your own Caribbean poker strategy. You can either fold up or simply raise the stakes. A lot of players adopt a different approach. Their Caribbean poker strategy is not to pay much attention to one card alone. You must put all your money at stake on this card alone. You should remember that the dealer of the game needs to have an ace or a king if he has to continue to the game. If he does not have it then your Caribbean poker strategy is successful. You get your ante wager money back along with some of the winnings and casino bonus.